Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Coke Effect

Two or so weeks ago, Migo asked me (quite sweetly) if he could drink Pop Cola along with his dinner. Although I was reluctant, I let him because it has been some time since he had softdrinks and I do want to give in once in a while.

Later, at bedtime, he couldn't sleep. And after dozens of stories & lullabies with no dozing effect, I fell asleep only to realize the next morning that Migo didn't sleep until very, very late.

This morning, after the 9-10am mass, the four of us dropped by SM to get Jollibee meals for Migo and Julla (which include regular size cups of Coke), a McDonald's Quarter Pounder for Cesar and a caramel sundae for me.

Back home, after literally devouring our Sunday brunch, at around 12 noon I told the kids it's time for an early afternoon nap.

Well, here's what happened....

I will have to keep this in mind from now on:
Never, ever give the kids Coke or any stimulating drink BEFORE going to sleep.