Thursday, September 25, 2008

tooth to go

migo's first milk tooth separated itself from his lower gums last friday, 19 september. as of today, a permanent tooth is peeking from where it was and another one behind the milk tooth beside it.

another milestone in my motherhood. my first born is growing out his milk teeth and getting the ones he'll be using the rest of his life. i don't know why i sigh at the thought. it makes me want to hold time still for a while and cherish these moments when he's young, innocent and so, so dependent on his mom. and i had to assure and reassure him a couple of times that it was just normal, that he was going through what every boy and girl his age does before they grow up to be big girls and boys.

and i? time will come that an older mother will tell me how, like the milk teeth, it is normal that he will eventually break away from my grasp. and like migo, i will have to be assured and reassured that every mother goes through that stage when her son becomes an adult.


for the meantime, i am enjoying this present time.