Friday, November 14, 2008

ek with migo tomrrow

i told migo just now that he and i are going to enchanted kingdom tomorrow. it’s a supposedly all-expenses paid trip for me and several officemates largely because of our participation in the F&H streetcast (fashion show) our company held few weeks back. it’s sort of a reward for the efforts we’ve put in to make the show a success. anyway, i asked today if i could bring my son along while i will shoulder his expenses for the trip. i figured i wouldn’t be enjoying a trip to EK without my kids tagging along. oh my, age is simply catching up on me! but then again, i guess i just always have that guilty feeling whenever i enjoy myself without them. it makes me happier if they enjoy it with me
anyway, when i told him, migo was immediately ecstatic. but i told him that it will be only just the two of us to which he sadly replied, “ ayyy…gusto ko kasama si julla tsaka si daddy.” my heart swelled right then and there. i can’t help but be touched by his overt disappointment at not being with his sister and dad at such a supposedly fun family activity. i am sad too, to think that I would honestly, actually enjoy it more if we went as a family.
so i told migo that it has to be only the two of us because if we brought Julla, we would have to worry about carrying her around and i won’t be able to take care of him since my focus would be more on julla. that more or less, convinced him. so he consented to go. just the two of us...with my officemates, of course.