Thursday, April 16, 2009

time flies

last post was in november 2008. it's april 2009 now.

lots of things have happened. more downs than ups but i survived. thank god.

1. the almost breakup. twice. last october and this february. i think i don't wanna document it anymore so let's just leave it at that.
2. mom and hubby not getting along at the start of the year.
3. migo's grades gone from bad to worse towards the end of last school year

- reconnecting with my soul twin because of #1.
- things are getting better this month regarding #1.
- the vacation at The Penthouse last wednesday to sunday.

recent downs:
- today julla is with me in the office. lost the nanny again. last week, she was diagnosed with primary complex. after the whole household underwent xray examinations, (as recommended by the pulmo-pedia to trace the cause of her sickness)we found out nanny has a spot in the left lung. so off she goes.

very recent ups:
- kuto is going....hell, yeah! oh but i don't wanna rejoice yet.
- migo taking taekwondo lessons. he started last tuesday. second class later today.

more thoughts next entry.