Monday, January 11, 2010

my big boy

Last night, Migo proudly announced that he cleaned himself up before going to bed.  Normally, his Ate Lyn washes him and Julla and supervises their brushing of teeth every night before going to sleep.  

 I gave   him  a thumbs up for t his.  Then he told me that starting tomorrow, he will take a bath by himself and dress himself up for school.  His only condition was that I still personally wake him up and watch him while he does all these.

This morning, after I woke him up with little prodding (unlike before), I put his uniform and all his school stuff  where it’s accessible to him.  I followed him to the bathroom and just as I promised, watched him  and guided him.  Upstairs, he actually dressed himself up.  

And I told him how proud I am of his feat.  My little boy is a big boy now. 

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