Monday, February 01, 2010

my immorality

[im-uh-ral-i-tee, im-aw-] -- noun, plural -ties
1.  immoral quality, character, or conduct; wickedness; evilness.
2. sexual misconduct.
3.  an immoral act.

--lifted from

i try to find the right word for it.  let me disclaim that i haven't done any such act as described above.  i am merely pondering on another's.  three others in fact.

i know of a woman who is in a relationship with a priest.  for many, many years now.  she is a friend and i know she trusted me with this secret because she considers me her friend.  when she told me, i did not blink an eye and told her i have no right to judge her and i accept her for what she is.  it is between her and God.

there's a man i know who has more than two wives.  the wife he lives with does not know, or maybe she pretends she doesn't to save her face and her marriage or her kids.  the other woman lives in another country and only recently found out about the wife but she continues her relationship with the man she claims she loves and loves her equally.  this man had a wife before the one he lives with now.  and i am quite sure he has other women in other places who he believes he loves.  i cannot judge this man.  it is between him and God.

a man i know is into gambling.  he loves his family, he says, but cannot stop.  sometimes he wastes the family income and says he's sorry later.  only to do it again, week after week, month after month, year after year.  i do not judge this man either.  for as the others, it is between him and God.

knowing all these and not doing anything about it.... does it make me immoral??  is it also between me and God that i am not helping these people stay away from sin?  will people judge me if they find out about what i know?


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