Tuesday, February 23, 2010

smile for the camera

so the family was on a field trip organized by julla's teachers on a fine saturday in february.  everybody was in a good mood and excited to go.  we had tons of food and snacks in hand and two cameras so as not to miss a single kodak moment of our special day.

first destination was rizal park.  migo and julla loved the open air, lush greens and yes, the thomas the train roaming around. they couldn't wait to ride it!  and we were lucky enough to ride in front with the driver.
after getting off the train and walking around, we went to watch the lights and sounds presentation of dr. jose rizal's execution.  normally, according to the presenter, it's watched at night for us to appreciate the lights, but we had to  content ourselves with a "sounds" only presentation because it was daytime.

next was brunch at the chinese garden.  why do kids prefer to run instead of eat?  and feed their food to the floating ducks?  they were uncontrollable but i know they had a great time.  

museo pambata was next on the itenerary.  this literally became a playground.  the guides did not have time to explain each room as the kids scurried here and there, trying out all the different interactive stuff.  it was fun though.

then there's the oceanarium and mermaid show at the manila ocean park.

the funny thing about this day is that hubby and i tried our mighty best to capture everything digitally.  what with two cameras but it's ironic that while we wanted to do that, the kids wanted to enjoy the day and remember it in their own way.  here's what i mean:

scene: oceanarium, inside the tunnel while all the sea creatures swim around us.  dad wants to take a picture as the stingray goes by while the kids turn away from the camera so they can watch it go by.  dad gets frustrated coz he is unable to capture the scene, while the kids are frustrated as well coz they didn't get to see the stingray up close.

so i tell dad, let the kids do whatever they want instead of forcing them to smile at the camera and miss whatever awesome experience they might have. 

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