Monday, July 19, 2010

baby B / electricity and water

the hubby and i are having another baby.  we already have a name for it.  but it isn't coming out until after a couple of months or hopefully, less.

we've been dreaming about having it for the last few years.  but we think now is the right time.  and we've decided to just do it. we're planning things very carefully now.  we promised to stay committed to this because it is our family's future that is in store.  

i will let y'all know the details once we're sure. ;) 

now on to my issue of the day:

so last week there was the loss in power supply for at least 24 hours due to the typhonn basyang.  and this weekend, water supply.  due to i don't know what.  arggghh!!

let's see. for this family, no electricity meant... 
  • darkness as early as five p.m. which gave us the opportunity to use our scented candles which the kids enjoyed 
  • early dinner while there was still some faint sunlight
  • early bedtime since they got sleepy at seven p.m. 
  • no cellphone charging, ang i only had 1 bar left! 
  • no internet access which was torture for all of us since we are a computer-dependent family
  • no TV which wasn't supposed to be so bad, but since there wasn't internet and anything else to do, became horror!
  • no airconditioning which was nightmare because i had to manually fan my kids to sleep and still continued until the electricity came back on.  and when we finally had airconditioning, their body temperatures were a little high and ended up coughing 
i was glad it lasted only for one night.  but it did cause all of us to get sick until the weekend.  especially the little big man who is now on antibiotics because he got super high fever last saturday.  and check out my bill for the past month -- all time high of 7k!  

now my dad told me sunday that water supply is gonna be cut down till the 23rd.  today, with less than 24 hours into it, i don't know which is worse -- no electricity or no water, which meant...
  • no bath (nyarrrrr!) for the whole family, wisik-wisik lang last night before hearing mass
  • dishes, spoons, forks, glasses, pots and pans piling up at the canteen 
  • storing water in a big pail, a vat, a small pail, even a dipper.  wherever we can put water, we filled 'em up!
well i think bullet number 1 is enough reason to cringe.  so i haven't decided yet which is worse.  and it's time to leave this computer and wake up the kids.  it's a monday and we're starting the week right.
you decide which is worse and let me know. 

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