Friday, July 23, 2010


waking up at 4am on a friday, i have just devised a creative way of establishing better communication between my kids and i.

so when i woke him up at 5am for school, i told the little big man my brilliant plan.  that starting today, we will be relating to each other what our most favorite moment/incident of our day is.  afterwhich, we will be relating our least liked moment/incident.

this way, i figured, i'd be able to be emotionally connected with them at the same time, know them better and will avoid them keeping secrets from their li'l ol' mom.  and i'm hoping we can do this till they grow older, become teenagers and even into their adulthood.  maybe i can  even create another blog for this, just for the record.  and i'm sure there will be many worth writing down which they will be glad to read and look back on someday.

after i told him, he willingly obliged, albeit, without enthusiasm coz he was still sleepy.  but he did tell me his favorite incident yesterday:  his class got +2 for good behavior during the earthquake drill.  well, actually he told me that already last night.  but now i know it's a big deal for him and i love it that he's happy at school.  his least liked:  none.

so when the little girl wakes up, i'll ask her too. :)

come to think of it, i better ask the hubby too and make this a daily family activity.  

bonding idea for the family! ♥  what do you think?

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  1. really great one! i'm going to try this, as well.