Tuesday, August 10, 2010


at jollibee with my little big man, my little girl and the hubby on a sunday afternoon.  we ordered chicken joys, jolly hotdogs, peach mango pies, no softdrinks please as the kids have already learned not to drink those.  instead, we asked for glasses with ice and fetched purified water from their dispenser.

we had to wait couple of minutes for the chicken after specifying we wanted thigh part for all of us.  so as we waited, conversation with the kids and the hubby went from how much time they'd be able to nap before we hear mass, to the reason why migo always loses his ballpen or ID or book in school, to why julla should sit properly on her chair and not remove her slippers in public places such as this and that public congested places usually cause people to get sick.

then migo asked from out of the blue, mommy what does feeling is hot mean in tagalog?

slightly irked, believing that he knows the answer, only he wanted to sound inquisitive, i replied, eh di mainit ang pakiramdam.  pag feeling mo nilalagnat ka.  feeling is hot.

to which he replied, almost puzzled, eh bakit sya nakasulat sa peach mango pie?

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