Tuesday, September 07, 2010

sick, sick!

why, oh why, did i have to get sick!?  just when i ran out of sick leaves and just when i had tons to do at work and just when i needed to take another leave for the little big man's school activity!?

as i write (or type), i am light-headed and woozy but my fever is gone, thank goodness for bioflu.  the little girl is also just recovering from almost a week-long fever and tonsilitis.  her pedia had her blood tested for dengue too, just like the little big man last week.  the hubby is having headaches as well.  

seems to me that everytime one of us gets sick, the rest of the family follows.  hubby thinks it has something to do with our house.  wrong feng shui?  so he's thinking of rearranging the furniture again soon.  or moving to a new place, perhaps?  we've not actually moved on with our start of 2010 plans of getting a house so there's not much choice but to get an apartment.  

so let me leave it at that for the meantime coz i really feel i need to go back to bed now.  sniff.

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