Thursday, November 11, 2010

the backseat

last month, the hubby and i quit paying for the little big man's school bus service and started driving him to and from school everyday.  and eversince this new routine started, our little girl , whose class schedule permits it, comes along every trip.  never mind that she's in her jammies or her hair is all in disarray, she has to be in that car with us, wherever that car goes.

she doesn't like to sit in the backseat unless she is asleep so sometimes i let her sit on my lap in front and she wraps my arms around her so she has a human seatbelt.  so we threw in a pillow and blanket that's permanently in the car for her.  we also put in a couple of CDs of the music she likes so she won't get bored.  yes, justin bieber and taylor swift goes with us everywhere too.

recently, she has been insistent in staying in front with me.  her dad always tells her that it's against traffic rules and he might get caught but we still let her because she looks at us with her pitiful cow eyes that make us feel darn guilty.  so why not?  but today, we have come up with a resolution.

i realized that what she really wants is to sit with me.  not necessarily in front.  so i told her that beginning tomorrow, we will sit together at the backseat and let her brother sit in front.  which was so fine with her that her cow eyes turned so full of glee.  oh, i could hug her to pieces!

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  1. I hear ya! Kids are awesome and good for you for catching those few extra moments of sweet mommy time :-)