Thursday, November 25, 2010


i was sick for two days and am back to work now but still feeling a bit woozy.  funny how everytime i don't wanna be away from work, that's when i get sick.  have a lot of things to do this week.  arggg.


when i arrived home with fever the other day, here's a conversation i overheard between the hubby and the little girl:

little girl is going downstairs to do something i forgot that her dad told her to do.  as she was going down, the hubby called out to her:  HOY!

the little girl looked back and shouted:  baket mo ko tinatawag na hoy!  anak mo ko ah.  baket hoy ang tawag mo sa 'kin!

the hubby, shamefully:  ay sorry, anak... anak... (sweetly)

this sent me into fits of laughter while i put on warm clothes and snuggled under the sheets.  sort of eased the headache a bit and then i fell asleep.

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