Thursday, December 02, 2010

what we did on the 3-day weekend

and so, the last 3-day weekend before christmas has come and gone.  but the kids can't seem to get enough outings.  they're still rarin' to go wherever.  so we're planning more trips this december, a beach trip even, with the grandparents.

last saturday, we attended a family reunion with the hubby's relatives.  it wasn't very eventful but the big deal about it was that the kids met some of their cousins in that part of the family tree.  the little big man even found out he has cousins into taekwondo too and they had a blast performing a routine and some kicks as part of the talent portion of the program.

sunday was another taekwondo tournament in malolos, bulacan.  the little big man got a bronze.  he won 2 games then lost his third.  it was a little disappointing because he knew and we knew he didn't give it his best.  but then again, it's all part of the scheme of things, i guess.  but there's another story to this day worthy of another blog entry.

yesterday, we accompanied my mom and dad to my uncle's house (errr, mansion) in paombong, bulacan.  afterwhich had lunch at this small resto called yee fu.  then they bought stuff at sm marilao, being the mall closest to where we were.  then mom got some linoleum at that shop in karuhatan.  then more buying at that sort-of-like-divisoria place near our place.  

was generally a fun weekend.  tired but happy.

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