Thursday, February 17, 2011

the new year

i turned 39 years old two days ago.  so technically, MY new year just started.  i can't believe i've already lived this long and i actually, honestly feel still 2o-something.  no kidding!  maybe it's because i've not really grown THAT old physically.  and largely coz of my height, many people still look at me like i'm a teenager. *grin*

so i'm starting my year right.  first off, i am trying to not dwell on the bad times and concentrate on a brighter future.  it's hard, considering what i've been through (which i really don't want to talk about in a public blog which, well, ironically, doesn't have a lot of readers).

starting fresh means:
1. our new (temporary) dwelling where we moved in 2 weeks ago
2. my new samsung galaxy tab (which made me so happy; call me materialistic but it's the best gift i got so far)
3. a renewed faith through feast valenzuela which we hope to go to at least every month, if not every week
4. being together with hubby in a renewed life too

of course, there's still my love for the kids and my parents and my brothers and their families -- that will never, ever fade.

 happy birthday to me.

my two birthday cakes:
from alfie, cherry cheesecake from banapple whose toppings fell to the sides
from nem, ube cake from red ribbon
oh and 2 dozen ube mamons

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