Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday bonding

every tuesday, the little big man and me have each other all to ourselves.  well, at least for half an hour every morning as we ride a cab from our house to his school.  our car is color-coded every tuesday so we are basically left to fend for ourselves while the hubby stays home with no driving chores.

today, we were seated together side by side, my arm casually draped around his shoulder.  i was to his right and his big backpack was to his left.  

antok pa ko. he told me.
late kase tayo natulog kagabi.  i replied back.

he half-smiled.

i told him that it used to be, when we were in our old house, we were able to sleep early coz after dinner, there were no more chores to do because we had helpers who did it the following morning.  it was just the four of us so we always hit the bedroom early.  now that we were in our new home, with our extended family downstairs and lots of conversations going on before we could settle into the house/bedroom, we can't really go to sleep as early as we wanna.  
i told him that that was in exchange for the better home.  that there are things we give up for other things.  now that we're here, we can't always sleep early.  but we have a garden, a bigger space and he and his sister can play outside.  

pwede na tayo maglagay ng inflatable swimming pool.  he said.

ok, sa summer bili tayo.  so di ba, may kapalit naman na ibang magandang bagay yung paglipat natin ng bahay.

oo nga, tsaka wala nang ipis.  

yes, no ipis in our new home.  we have left all of the ipis and all the negative past behind.

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