Friday, March 25, 2011


i 've been an absentee blogger again. baaaddd...

so i'm taking time to sit down and type this before i forget these short simple conversations ever occured and gave me reason to smile.

the little girl

we were having adobong pusit and baboy for dinner one night this past week.  (i know it's a weird dish to begin with but the hubby learned it from the mechanic's girlfriend, so there.)

the little girl, curious as always, asked about the pusit.

it's  squid. it's like a small octopus.  i told her.

that's what squidward is.   the hubby quipped,  i guess to make her understand better, refering to the infamous frenemy of spongebob squarepants who the little girl loves so much.

to which she replied, AH, ADOBO SI SQUIDWARD??

the little big man

he wasn't feeling well when we fetched him from school on a thursday.  he said he had a headache.  it was taekwondo training day and hubby always insists the little big man attends training evenif he wasn't feeling well.  he wants to instill in our boy that he has to overcome sickness for his sport.  besides, we knew he could be faking it to be able to skip for the day.

anyhow, when we got to the gym, he did his warm-ups and joined the team but whispered to me if it's alright if he skips sparring.  i told him to ask his dad.  he didn't.  he knew what his dad's answer would be.

so he went through with it but on his first sparring, we did notice him having a hard time.  his face was all crumpled as if he was fighting the urge to cry.  his sister also saw this and she started crying because she felt her brother was going to get sick.

so after the first sparring, the hubby decided to pull him out of training and head for home.

his words while going out of the gym:

mommy i'm sorry i didn't make you happy today.  just when you were here to watch me train, i didn't perform well. 

that's ok.  i understand that you felt sick.  i ruffled his hair and hugged him to me.

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