Wednesday, April 13, 2011

random = perfect

i love how random last weekend was for my little family.  what we planned out to do, we didn't follow and ended up having a better time than we expected.

first, after the altar boys seminar (yes, the little big man is attending) we went to check out voice lessons for the little girl which we found not worthy of her time.  so we set out to go to that swimming classes my mom was talking about the other week.  on our way there, we found a EENT doctor, which we have been trying to find for the longest time who can cure the little big man's allergic rhinitis.  but we didn't check in with him yet and instead still headed for the swimming school.  which the little girl liked and we said we'd come back.

had an unusual lunch out at Ogo's Lugawan.  this was in the vicinity of the swimming school and decided on the spur of the moment.  it turned out to be a gastronomic treat.  definitely coming back.

at the EENT, we were explained that the rhinitis is something that the little big man will be carrying for the rest of his life and that all we can do is maintain that it doesn't hinder him from his daily activities.  

when we got home, my dad invited us to go visit the fish farm in paombong.  we had taekwondo training that afternoon but decided not to go and instead enjoy an afternoon in the provincial site.  after all, it wasn't often that the kids get to go to such places.  so off we went.  we had kamayan dinner inside a small nipa hut built right beside the fish farm.  the little girl fell in the pond coz she slipped from the coconut tree bark which served as bridge from the pilapil to the nipa hut.  i was at first alarmed but when i found her okay, we laughed together coz she had to stay in the car the rest of the evening without pants or undies which got all wet when she fell.

nipa hut and the fish farm

 fresh catch of baby sugpo, not yet ready to harvest

 the pilapil.  we walked all around it!

sunday morning was taekwondo training again which we skipped so we can laze around the house, the kids and hubby watched a chinese film while i read twitter feeds about willie revillame.  

after lunch, the long awaited chance to visit the coop came.  my parents accompanied us and finally, we had opened an account each for me and hubby.  heard mass at 5pm and bonded with my mom while grocery shopping still with hubby and kids.

i know all this may seem senseless to anyone reading this.  but to me, it was one of the best weekends of this year so far.  despite all my problems at work these days, this weekend came in to let me feel that i got this nice simple family to go home to.  EVERYDAY.  and at the end of the day, what matters most is them.  nothing else.

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