Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

nice wedding.  for a moment there, i almost got teary-eyed as i watched the princess-to-be waving at people from inside that 1977 rolls-royce phantom iv with glass panels.  took me back to the first royal wedding i witnessed back when i was a kid (yes, i was just a kid then!) of then prince charles and lady diana.

the people on the streets overwhelmed me.  made me happy for the couple to see that those people actually love them and are happy for them.

the wedding dress by sarah burton at alexander mcqueen was pure elegance and the wedding bouquet was simple but classy.

nice trees inside the cathedral.  and man, westminster abbey was BEAUTIFUL.  made me tell the hubby to bring me there someday when we become rich, to hear mass.  only to find out they're not catholic.

simple wedding rites with no mushy vows.  but bordered on boring.  i was actually waiting for the groom and bride to do something quirky to make it a little less serious.  but well, what did i expect from a royal wedding, right?  they did exchange a few quick glances and grins which was enough for me to say "awww..."

yes, harry was cuter than william.  but hey, when william put on his hat after the ceremony, he WAS CUTER.

too bad i missed the royal kiss on the balcony coz i got up from in front of the tv to call my mom.  but well.  googled pics just now of the kiss and found them quite satisfactory.

so there goes my evening.  what to do now but wait for hubby having a royal night out.  yes, just outside in the terrace with the boys.

so there.  i just had to blog about this wedding.  good night.

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