Friday, March 09, 2012

tkd girl

just 2 weeks ago, i was talking about the little girl wanting make-up yeah?

well this week, she joined her very first taekwondo tournament. and today, her first official taekwondo training.  well, she's been watching and learning whenever her brother is training so she more or less, has the general idea on how to properly kick.  and she spars with him at home too.  so hubby and i were confident enough to try her in an exhibition in last sunday's tournament.  

yep, you read that right.  my kikay girl is also a kanto girl.  

(embed video)

i'm not sure though if her other interests, i.e. ballet, belly-dancing, singing, swimming, will take a backseat this summer or not.

i'm so looking forward to the boys who will try to woo her in the future and whose asses she will kick.

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