Tuesday, March 20, 2012


thinking of getting a cactus.  yes, that thorny prickly plant.  actually thinking of owning a collection of cactuses...errr... cacti.

over the weekend, i was obsessed with thai movies that until yesterday, i was searching for them on the internet.  i chanced upon a short film "cactus amnesia" and this started this sudden interest in this plant specie.  

as we all know, this plant has thorns that can prick you when touched.  since they originally live in the desert, they don't need much care and attention.  you have to nurture the cactus by not watering it everyday for it can live without it for days.  it can sit there with you for a long time without you even noticing it growing.  with some species, you have to wait 2 years to 15 years for it to flower.  you just have to continue believing in its inner beauty and wait for it to come out.

i have one cactus in my life right now.  i'm getting more.

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