Tuesday, July 08, 2014

little sick girl 😰

Last night, the little girl at dinner told me to bring her to the hospital. What I know she meant was to bring her to the doctor for check-up. This is so unlike her and I am a bit worried. No, actually, i'm very worried that I'm already imagining brain cancer. Forgive me for being OA but I'm coming from my friend Allie's experience where her 13 year old son passed out after just 3 days of fever and was never revived.

Backtracking, last Thursday night the little girl had fever and a headache. I gave her Tempra. When she awoke the next morning, she said her head still ached but I convinced her it was nothing and made her  go to school. By lunch time she had fever again and was sent home by the school clinic. I had to leave work early to get to her but she was fine when I got home and was already playing with her cousins.

Saturday she was ok. At least I think she was. On Sunday, we attended The Feast and she felt shivery and had headache again. 

Yesterday (Monday) at school she said she went to the school clinic again for an hour with slight fever. Which brings us back to last night.

Pediatric doctor, here we come. I'm hoping it's just fatigue over the last 3 weeks that she's been on whole day classes. Fingers crossing and then palms clasping in prayer now.

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