Sunday, July 20, 2014


So I decided to name my pets.

Trivial but I'll share with you the stories behind their names.

Fave was the first to be baptized although he's my 6th adopted. When I posted this pic of them six on Instagram, my friend commented "Fave!" And that's it.

Being the 6th and starting with F, I decided to alphabeticize their names so I know who came first when eventually they become many.

So first is Aries.
The hubby's zodiac sign. He, being my first cactus before all of this. I say this, with the belief that cacti are plants that survive in the dessert, take time and patience to flower and their thorns can hurt but only to protect themselves. Enough said.

Second is Blow.
Just because.

Third is Chorizo or Choz for short.
Just look at him and you'll know why.

Fourth is Dizzy.
She grows in many different directions I'm thinking eventually I will have to break her and replant a part of her and make it her mini-me and call it Dizzielet.

Fifth is Elle.
Well, she's elegant and regal and sosyal so she deserves the name of a supermodel.

So there. My new companions in the little garden. ❤🌵🌱🌼

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