Monday, May 23, 2016

A conversation with my old friend last night stuck to me. All this time, I am seen as a weak person by friends of my younger self. I guess because they saw me as a sheltered, defenseless, littel girl back in college. Back then, we would go on class projects at my house since my parents won't allow me to sleep over at another person's house. My dad would always pick me up from school when we had classes till 9pm. I had a nanny who took care of my needs at home. I was a crybaby -- the littlest sad things, even happy things, made me cry. My college friends knew all that.

Funny how I knew all this time too, that I was the most independent among my siblings. At 10 years old, I asked for my own bedroom while my brothers slept in the same room as our nanny. I was usually by myself in doing my homeworks and other activities. I learned to commute by myself at 12 yrs old. Right out of college, I looked for a job on my own and never asked my parents to pull any strings for me to get in companies where they had associates in.

I got married in my late 20s. That's when I became dependent on the hubby. I never went anywhere new without him. I relied on him literally what I was gonna eat everyday. He always did things for me and the kids and I almost couldn't do anything without asking his opinion.

But as years passed, and especially in our situation now, I am on my own again. I'm dealing with things I never thought I could handle.

I guess I could say that I am a coper. I cope with what life throws at me. I'm glad I am such. I hope my children learns this too.

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