Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Drunk in love

The little big man, who's a big boy now, has been going through a lot of changes over the past year. I guess what I'm about to share is one milestone and deserves a detailed story-telling.

Cousins from Bataan were over at the brother's house last Monday. As expected, brother and cousins went drinking, as they usually do when they get together.

I let the big boy Migo join the younger cousins. I went to bed early only to be woken up by the brother and nephew, carrying my big boy into the bedroom, drunk.

He was saying all kinds of things, blabbering actually. I made sure I took a video of him so I could later show it to him and make him realize how stupid he looked drunk, in effect, make him NOT drink anymore in the future.

Some random blabber:

M: pakisabi sa syota ko...
Tyrone: wag mo sabihn syota kase ibig sabihn nun short time.
M: ok pakisabi sa lota ko... lota... long time 😁

M: mahal na mahal ko mommy ko. Gusto ko pakita sa kanya na naaappreciate ko mga paghihirap nya.

M: (to Tyrone who had him in his arms) don't rape me!

To wit, all of these are recorded in a secret file in my phone. For future reference. Someday. 😉

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