Friday, September 16, 2005


there's this local tv commercial for vaseline lotion that shows kids "attacking" their moms for a hug. the jingle goes...."hug-a-mom-attack...monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.... come on kids, hug your mommies....everyday...."

everytime migo sees this tvc, he literally bounces up from whatever it is he's doing and hugs me to bits. it's such a sweet gesture that i look forward to seeing the commercial everytime we're watching tv. we hug each other all throughout the entire 30 or 45 seconds. we don't break apart until it is finished and the next ad comes out. once, we were inside the bedroom and then when he heard the jingle from the tv next door, migo still jumped up and hugged me and he made me carry him to the tv set. then one time, when he stayed over at my mom and dad's house, my mom told me that he was playing in front of the tv in the sala when the commercial came out. she saw him look up, hesitate, (probably thinking i wasn't around for him to hug) then jumped at her and hugged her instead. my mom was teary-eyed.

moments like these bond me and my son in double. i always make a mental snapshot of the moment and hope i could hug my little one forever. makes me almost afraid that he's going to grow up pretty soon and there will come a time he would be hugging some other girl. still, moments like these make me realize that no matter how hard it is to be a good parent, all the hardships are worth it if you have at least one hug-attack per day. and i wouldn't mind more than one.

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