Thursday, September 29, 2005

baby girl

if the level of my nausea attacks are any indication of the sex of my baby, well, considering that i almost-puke everytime i smell something awful, maybe, just maybe, my baby will be a girl. to think, even if i smell my own perfume, i sometimes also feel nauseaus. there are even times that merely thinking about the smell of the toilet makes my insides churn.

if i base the age of my baby on my last menstrual period, "she" should be on "her" 13th week by now. meaning, i'm through with the first trimester. meaning, i should be over the nausea attacks starting this week! but a bad headache and vomitting greeted me early this morning. up until now (lunchtime) my head still aches.

my wish is really for my baby to be a girl. of course, i wouldn't mind having another boy. cesar and i even already have a name for a boy. but for a girl, none yet. we're thinking it has to be "at par" with migo's lorenzo miguel. so something spanish/italian/filipino. no american names please. a saint's name and and an angel's name preferred. suggestions will be greatly appreciated. (for the record though, if it's a boy, he will be alonzo miguel. nickname enzo.)

i already imagine how different it would be to take care of a baby girl. hmmmm.....

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