Monday, September 24, 2007


a lot has happened over the last two months since my last weblog. i don't know where to begin relating what i've been through. a lot of both positive and not-so-positive events. a lot of funny anecdotes with my kids and hubby. a lot of events and non-events at work. it doesn't seem like only 2 months have passed.

first, about that case. well, it turned out the other party didn't want the same hassles we had so the case was dropped. i regret that i worried so much about it but it turned out that i didn't have to fret at all. ("hayyy nako"... to quote the title of my last entry)

kids are getting bigger. julla is getting prettier everyday. here's her latest pic, taken only yesterday at my mom's mini garden....

she's learned to say "ayuuuu" (which means i love you), "eyuuu" which means thank you and "baba" which literally means she wants to go downstairs. she's everywhere in the house, on top of chairs, dining table, sofa and the ledge by the front window. she's hit her head a lot of times i already lost count. she's soooo malikot! even more malikot than her kuya migo. but she's soooo loveable too. we just adore her -- me, her dad and her kuya migo... and now, her tita crystal who takes care of her while i'm at work.

migo is getting a little hard to handle these days. his teacher has confiscated his ID which is an indication that he hasn't been behaving in school. his 1st quarter grades however are quite high but i'm afraid if he keeps up with his naughtyness, it might affect his academic status negatively. i know i have to do something fast. yesterday after a shopping trip wherein he was so noisy and unrestrained, i slapped his butt twice just to show him i meant it when i said he'd get something for not behaving. at first when i told him to lie on his tummy, butt up, he didn't think i was serious and tried to charm me with his wide grin. but i didn't let him dissuade me and went on with my "disciplinary action." it worked, i think. i know somehow he realized he can't get away with misbehaving from now on. oh, here's his brand new haircut about 3 weeks ago...

work... well, i think i'd have to make a separate entry about my work.... so maybe later then....

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