Friday, July 04, 2008

back online

it's been a month since we transfered to our new home and was not connected to the internet. just two days ago, our connection is on again and i am finally freely able to access anytime i want at home.

things have been quite easier for me this past month. i wish i could say the same for migo. recently, he's been complaining that our new house is too plain, lacks furniture, boring...(well, that was before we got internet access) i told him he only thinks we lack furniture coz he was used to our old place which was very small so it seemed full of furniture. now that we have more space and still the same furniture, it seems a little bare. julla seems to enjoy the new place though. what with lots of floor area to throw around her toys, and lots of people everyday because of our customers. she's getting accustomed to strangers talking to her, making funny faces at her or pinching her cheek.

hubby cesar is a revelation. he's been actively working and giving his all to our new business and i am proud of him. well, he doesn't know that so anyway, maybe i should tell him.

our life changed drastically over the last month. i am hoping and praying it's gearing up for the better. i always knew God did things in His own time. and i am thankful for the graces.