Friday, July 11, 2008

mommy moment

these days i have been battling a dilemma.

migo (the son) has been unusually emotional and clingy. on separate occasions this past month, he told me that i always leave him. that he wants me to fetch him from school. that he wants me to stay home and not go to work. once, when i really didn't go to work, he was so happy to find me at home when he arrived from school.

today is a city holiday (valenzuela day) so he didn't have classes. a few days ago, when it was announced as such, his dad told him that he could go to my office with me (coz he's always been nagging me about bringing him with me to work). but this morning, i had to leave early to catch up on work and just a while ago, when i called home, he cried on the phone because i left him.

if only he knew that what i've always wanted was to stay home and take care of him and his sister. if only i could just quit this job and not have to worry about our daily expenses. if only i could spend more time with them. if only i could.

so here i am, in this place my friend andre calls a rathole. this place where i get my source of income. which provides for the family. for migo's daily expenses.

but not for migo's (and my) source of simple joy.