Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 things to be thankful for despite getting sick for a week

10. on tuesday, i was at the hospital e.r. getting my blood and urine tested. my temp was 40 degrees, i couldn't sit up and all i could do was lie shivering on the e.r. table. cesar, although he wasn't feeling well too, was with me all this time. my mom was there too.

9. by 5pm, still on tuesday, i was to be confined to rule out dengue. there was no room available, only in the ward. there were still 8 patients waiting for a room. i chose to just go home and wait it out there until somebody checks out. my mom (bless her) who has her ways of getting what she wants, made a quick phone call. in less than an hour, i was being wheeled into room 604 -- private room with cable tv and telephone line. good enough.

8. on thursday, julla and cesar are sick too with fever and coughing. migo was in the pink of health.

7. on the same thursday afternoon, the pedia told us that julla has to be monitored too for dengue. that night, i coughed like crazy. i couldn't lie down flat on my back coz it's causing more cough. i prayed to God, please take away this cough. right after i said that, i took it back. "ok, i'll bare all this coughing, as long as julla gets well." whoever said God doesn't like to bargain? the next day, julla's temp was 37.1 and was playing as if she never got sick.

6. my coughing lasted overnight. at around 4am on friday, i turned on my bed and lay flat on my belly. perfect! the coughing stopped and i was, finally, able to sleep. at 6am, an intern came in to inject antibiotics into my iv so i awoke. she forgot to turn off the lights afterwards. i couldn't regain the sleep i wanted. well, who says you can have everything, huh?

5. friday morning, cesar is more sick than me or julla. but he's resting so he stayed away from the hospital the whole day. i had to content myself with reruns of house, guiness book or world records, numbers and other axn and hbo shows. but i was feeling lots better.

4. a warm bath on saturday morning. (i got sick monday so it's been a while.)

3. friends calling and visiting.

2. valid reason not to go to work. hahahah!

1. hmo took care of ALL my hospital expenses. finally, am well and resting at home on saturday evening. still felt weak but nothing compares to the warm hugs and kisses from my kids. i'm home.