Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gold Again - Keeping 'Em Coming

Yes,  Migo got a gold again last Sunday at the Bagong Bulakenyo Games in Malolos, Bulacan.

Fight No.1
He was competing with a Blue belt.  I didn't notice this until after the game.   Had I known beforehand, I would've been afraid coz he's never won over a blue belt before.  But that fight made me nervous as hell still.  He was actually ahead in points but got deductions for holding on to his opponent.  So by the end of Round 2, they were tied.  My heart pounded so loud I swear the people beside me might have heard it.  So sudden death it is.  The very moment the 3 judges raised the red flag -- signifying Migo's win, I let out a loud cheer with my arms raised heavenward.  As soon as he was off the mat beside me, he told me, Yey, I beat a blue belt!!!

Migo in red armor

Fight No.2
 His opponent was supposed to be in Level 1 so was disqualified.  Good thing Coach Moben was there and noticed the height difference and had the opponent measured.  Although, hubby told me Migo could've easily beaten him despite his being about 4cm taller.  (True enough, later when we saw him play against another Level 1 player, he was a wimp.  Poor guy.)   This meant Migo was in the finals!

Side story:  When Coach Moben told Coach Achilles that Migo's opponent was disqualified and that Migo was going in the finals, he said, Yung makakalaban nya sa finals, taga Hagonoy.  Wala yun, kayang-kaya na ni Migo yun.  Love his vote of confidence!

Migo in black head gear

Fight No.3 - Finals
Score was 7-0 Round 1.  Then 3-0 Round 2.  Final score 10-0. 
Ten-zero.  I have nothing more to say.

  Migo with his Gold and Coach Moben and Achilles