Friday, November 27, 2009

My Little Man

I was at Migo's TKD practice today. It's been a while since I last tagged along. But I make sure I always go to his tournaments. Might I mention here in this blog, for the record, that his last fight last November 14 in Cabanatuan City earned him a Gold medal. Me and hubby are mighty proud. He's become so much better in his sport that hubby and I feel it is something he is destined to do.

But I digressed.

(Side story. Every day, when he is picked up by his school service, I take him by his hand and we kiss goodbye. He steps inside the van, sits, looks back at me standing in front of the house and we always, always blow each other kisses. Yes, in plural, not just once.)

So today, at practice, I was watching him intently as their team was lining up for warm-ups. He was standing at attention then looked my way. When our eyes met, I blew him a kiss. Unexpectedly, he made a face at me. He scratched his head and looked at me as if he can't believe what I just did. I can almost hear his thought bubble, Mom I'm supposed to be tough here! Stop blowing me kisses cause it's not macho! My hubby, who saw this silent exchange, laughed.

Sigh. He's a little man now.

Over the past few months, he grew 3cm taller. Pretty soon, according to his coach, he will be elevated to Level 1 from his present Level 0. Pretty soon too, he said, if he gets consecutive golds in the next few tournaments, there will be protests that he leave Novice category and go to Advance. I noticed too that everytime we hug and he lunges towards me, I feel him way heavier and stockier. His vocabulary is wider too. I am surprised at the words he use in his daily conversations, both in English and Tagalog. His artworks are also improving. (He got a Best in Arts Merit Card, btw, today in school.) His appetite has grown. And he told me today that he wants us to move to a new house by the time he's in 6th Grade. So where did that come from, huh?

My boy is a little man now. But I do know we will still secretly blow kisses at each other. Maybe from a distance, as he accepts an Olympic trophy or something. (Fingers crossed.)