Thursday, April 15, 2010

i got the power


yesterday i received our electricity bill for the month via email.  i nearly passed out in disbelief.  a friggin' 6,900 all-time high!

on the average, my monthly bill is from 4,500 to 5,000 and i simply cannot fathom how the effin hell did we reach this amount when i know for a fact that we have not consumed electricity any more than we did the previous month.

i logged on to meralco's website to check for announcements in increase of power rates but found none.  worse, i cannot log-in to view my bill to see my consumption.  everytime i type the user name and password, it only goes back to the homepage!  so what, i will be tortured waiting for the real bill, with all the morbid details, to arrive at my house now when the reason why i availed of the online thingy is for me to know everything in advance??  *&♣;^%$#@!!!

let me see...last month, i payed 5,800.  the month before 4,600.  and before that 3,300.

so what's up with that?

i protest!  i'm joining that facebook page NOW NA!

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