Wednesday, April 07, 2010

of arabesques and birthday cakes

little girl julla turned 4 last monday.

coincidentally, it was her first day in summer ballet class.  the family was in full force to support her -- the dad, the mom, the brother AND the cousin.  all five of us trooped to nty children's camp to root for our little ballerina.

flashback to several weeks ago.

mom i want a birthday cake shaped like a heart.  color pink.

mom and little girl in front of the computer watching videos from youtube of ballet dancers, recitals, etc.  mom i want to dance like that.  

little girl at her moving up ceremonies.  my name is jullana ysbel c. dela cruz.  someday i want to be a teacher and dancer.  i believe that if i do my best, God will do the rest.

fast forward to three days before monday.
3 tulog na lang, magb-birthday na ko. 4 years old na ko.

two days before monday.
2 tulog na lang, magb-birthday na ko. 4 years old na ko.

one day before.
1 tulog na lang, magb-birthday na ko. 4 years old na ko.

on her birthday, her dad was first to inform her that, yes, today is already your birthday.  he nudged her, her eyes slowly opened, brightened then she squealed in glee.  

she did not get the heart-shaped cake.  and we did not get to watch her in class because we were asked to wait for them outside.  she didn't have a big event party, just her cake, spaghetti, fried chicken and biko.  but watch her do the arabesque and basic steps of ballet and you'll know that even if there wasn't any major celebration, her birthday was especially memorable for her.

that's her in ballet class with teacher april

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