Wednesday, April 21, 2010

julla likes pop

my little girl julla, who turned 4 years old two weeks ago, has been into lady gaga and taylor swift for months now.  

lady gaganess.
she once told me that when she grew up, she wanted to be like lady gaga.  i told friends about it and asked them whether i should be glad or bothered about it.  my fashion-whore friend andre said i it's somthing i should be proud to know.  fashion icon kaya si lady gaga, to quote him verbatim.  on the other hand, my normal friends (read:  not into fashion, pop culture, more realistic) said i should steer my daughter clear of her bad romance and paparazzi videos a.s.a.p. 

which leads me to an interesting incident some time ago.  she was watching the bad romance video with her dad.  there were bodies wrapped in white spandex crawling out of synthetic shells.  she watched too intensely as everything was unfolding in front of her.  her jaws dropped in awe.  during the part where lady gaga was like being forced to drink water and it was being poured on her face and body, she asked her dad why they were doing that.  her dad's jaw dropped speechless.

girly taylor swift .
this i can tolerate somewhat.  taylor's songs are reminiscent of my teenage loves.  julla's voice, when she sings along with the lyrics, which by the way she invents, matches with the shrill of taylor's voice.  i also find it funny that julla recognizes her songs on the first few notes.  immediately, her eyes will light up and excitedly call her yaya, who i know, has influenced her in this regard for she is a fan herself.

did i write here before about julla wanting to be like that palmolive fashion girl commercial?  with long straight hair and all the cutesy stuff she can do with it?  well after that, her next peg is taylor swift's long blond wavy hair.  paglaki ko, gusto ko mahaba yung hair ko na kulot parang kay taylor swift.

and here's the latest.

last night, when i arrived home she came running to me from where she hid, (she usually hides when i get home, pretending she isn't there) and proudly announced, mommy alam mo yung kanta ni juatin bieber na baby?  then she started singing ♫ babeeeeeee ♪♫ in her strong shrilly voice.  then she goes, di ba mommy bieber parang booger...?  

i roll on the floor laughing.  i love my little girl to pieces.  ♥

i have to remind myself to expose her to julia fordham, her namesake, again soon.

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