Saturday, May 22, 2010

ang upo, bow!

no, this aint an upo

the other night, julla requested for the vegetable UPO for dinner.  recently, she's been sort of reprimanded by grandparents from both my side and hubby's side about her not knowing how to say PO and OPO.  which i suppose led them to the usual expression of old people, kumain ka nga ng upo para matuto ka mag- po at opo.  i guess this stuck to her, thus the request.

unfortunately, we only had sayote that night.  at the dinner table, i put 2 spoonfuls of sauteed diced sayote with squid and baby corn on her plate.  she looked gleefully at it and started eating.  midway through dinner, she announced, hmm..ang sarap ng upo!  lasang sayote!  hubby and i giggled, realizing that all along she thought she was eating upo.  hubby, not wanting to deceive her, told her, sayote nga yan

she looked at us in disbelief, hurt written all over her face as if the world came crashing down on her.  tears filled her eyes and i knew she was about to bawl.  immediately, i took it back, told her that dad was just kidding her and that she was really eating upo.  she stopped  midway through her frown and composed herself.   she looked at us with a blank expression on her face.  then she picked up her fork and stuck it in the "upo" and popped it into her mouth.

all was well.  thank you po!

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