Saturday, May 01, 2010

nanny diaries

we're losing the nanny tomorrow.  officially.

a couple of weeks ago, she announced that she wanted to go back home in tacloban to finish her studies.  might i mention that i have been proud to have her eversince she arrived.  she's an intelligent girl for she was once a scholar, i think in chemical engineering but she quit school. according to her, the money she gets from her scholarship was extorted by her father so it made her lose interest in studying.  that was why she decided to work.

i vividly recall her first few days at our house.  we were in the room and she timidly asked me if she could read my books.  i had dozens of books.  i said sure as long as she returned them exactly where she got them from the shelves.  hubby, who heard this, suggested to her to read the harry potter series which i had only until book 4.  to which, she replied that she had already read those that i had and if i had the next books?  which sent hubby tumbling over.  then she told us if she could read the hardbound shakespeare.  hubby double tumbled.

i could share many anecdotes about her.  she's not funny but she usually makes me laugh in disbelief at the things she says or does that i believe normal nannies or househelps don't say or do.

last december, our helpers from the store told hubby and me that she was not treating little julla well.  we had to confront her and she explained that yes, sometimes, she pulls julla a little too roughly when the little girl is a bit hard-headed or that sometimes the two of them get into arguments.  but that she never actually hurts her.  the next day, she sent me this text which i saved in my phone and shared with my colleagues:  ,ate i fil guilty..i nvr thought ds wud hapen and i cnt help blaming myself..on d othr hand,i'm hurt kc dy hv judge me based on wat dey see w/o listening2 my syd...i wud nver hurt d only person hu luv;if not,accepts me 4 hu i am..julla's my haven cuz w/hr dr are no pretntions...other pipol myt not see it but i show my affection in my own way...and it's just between me and her.  14/12/2009  12:21:33PM

then she goes:  ,i may not b good in conveying wat i fil but i do care a lot for them (julla@migo) ..and i'm grateful ol of u bcame a part of my life even if i missed to say it.  14/12/2009  12:29:50PM
to be honest, over the last 11 months, i've really become so dependent on her in taking care of the kids.  i've had most of my facebook time because of her.  i've been able to go through late nights because i have her around.  i am in fact, at this moment, blogging because she just gave julla's milk and they are busy watching cartoons right now.

once, i asked her to do something for me which i cannot recall now.  but after she completed the task, i texted her my thanks and told her, i mean it thanks talaga.  just to show that i appreciated what she did.  this was her reply (which again i saved in my phone):  ur most welcum...(just wen i tot na im not that efficient...whew..! tnx 4 making my day.)  10/02/2010 09:24:39AM

so today, i give tribute to this young woman.  i cannot say she doesn't have flaws.  she actually has a lot, to which, hubby complains a lot about.  but generally, we have been glad to have her and are very thankful.  the day she told me she wanted to study again, i was not hesitant in letting her go.  she deserves a better life.  we're not sure if she really is gonna do that but then, it's her life.  we'll let her decide.

here's hoping we find a new nanny/househelp soon. meantime, goodbye and good luck to you, ate lyn.  we will miss you.

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