Sunday, May 09, 2010

mother's day

happy mother's day to all the moms!  this is our day so let's all enjoy it.  no worries!

there it is.  three generations.  my mom, me and my daughter.

one thing that has always stuck with me are these few words my mom told me when i was in my teens.  she said this about herself:  i'm not perfect but i strive to be one.  there have been lots of times after that, that i knew she was the most imperfect person but she did try her best to do what is right in every situation she and our family were in.  to this day, she still wants only what is best for our family.

i am not perfect as well.  too imperfect in fact.  and now i live by those words my mom had said many many years ago.  i only pray that someday, my children will love me back the way i do my mom.  and more.

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