Monday, May 02, 2011


so the other day, it was early morning we were in the bedroom.  five of us, me, hubby, the little big man, the little girl and the teenage godson who we've sort of officially adopted this summer.  we were lazing around while the 3 boys were trying to annoy the little girl.

during weekends, whenever our little family has nothing to get up early for, we usually oversleep and lie around in bed until our stomachs start to growl.  with that, baths are usually taken later in the day, not in the morning and you would understand why after some heckling with the little girl, she goes:

mommy, ang baho nyang lalakeng yan!

sinong lalake?  since i didn't exactly know who she was referring to among the 3.

iyan asawa mong yan!

mommy, that man stinks!
which man?
that husband of yours!

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