Sunday, July 03, 2011

a trip down the aisle

i've been meaning to blog for like a hundred times this past month but i can never seem to be able to sit down and concentrate on writing.  lots of things have been happening and it would've been good to be able to record my thoughts on these events but i guess, it wasn't meant to be.  well, because most of it were negative thoughts about work.  like i said in one of my tweets, too many fml moments these past weeks.

on the upside, (which makes me believe sometimes that i just might be bipolar) a lot of good things happening as well.

well my thoughts since last friday are these.

it was the first of july.  the hubby and i went to get some work done for the b.  incidentally, it was in the area of the basilica of san lorenzo ruiz, otherwise known as binondo church, otherwise known to hubby and me as the church where we got married.

ten years ago this month, we wed here.

yes, i walked down that aisle to my teary-eyed groom. it was a day where nothing could possibly go wrong, everything seemed perfect and only happiness abound.  

last friday, we walked on this aisle, sat on a pew on the right halfway from the altar and said our prayer for the next ten plus years ahead.  we both have new dreams and goals from way back ten years ago.  we got our little family now to live for, not just each other.  and we're back here, vowing to make things work.

then we headed towards the left side to st. lorenzo ruiz.

this guy, he knows exactly what we want from him for he is our little big man's namesake.  

a lot of things have changed since our last trip down the aisle.  but our faith and hope and love remain.

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