Thursday, July 07, 2011

may gusto

last monday, the hubby and i fetched the little girl from kindergarten school.  as we were leaving, a classmate ran after her and shot his arms through the gate rails shouting:

julla, tandaan mo 'to, may gusto ako sa 'yo!  tandaan mo, may gusto ako sa 'yo ha!!  he shouted this towards us for like eight times!
{remember this, i like you!  remember this, i like you!}

to which the little girl shot back while laughing:

hindi ko tatandaan!!
{i won't remember!}

the hubby and i laughed with her.  later i asked her if she liked him too.  to which she replied:


for the record, his name is mark enzo t. tapocthe hubby and i have got our eyes on you, boy!  i looked up a picture from last year's christmas party.  you're marked, mark! :)

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