Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all about my life -- the blog

i have switched jobs again.  well not that i switch jobs often but being a working mom, you know what i mean.  from a nanny to a prod dev manager in a fashion company to a fetcher to a tutor to ass-washer to t-shirt designer and whatever else -- all in one day.  somehow you get the picture.  and this varies daily.

so as i was saying, i have a new job.  now i am officially an editor.  this was since last saturday when the little big man announced that he wanted to write a blog.  i got so worked up to hear this that i spot on made him his own email address, opened a blogger account for him and told him to type away. 

so to my dear readers, i know you're not plenty, please do find time to visit sharkboyslife.blogspot.com.  it's all about the little big man's life -- as seen through his eight-year old eyes and heart.  well, he's almost nine.  

his ambitions list so far:  taekwondo jin slash writer slash engineer slash chef.

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  1. i love how you're letting the little big man explore his talents at such a young age!

    and also, "product development manager in a fashion company"...double wow!