Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A couple of my tkd mom friends in Bulacan have started playing badminton last week to keep in shape. I used to play too and today, I found this in my Inbox which I emptied a while back.

This was written by me back in 2004. Not blogging yet but I was emailing myself a diary like this. Looking back, this was the time when I was with my former employer, doing garment merchandising work for a men's, women's and children's brand. I was 3 years married, with my first born son around 1 and a half years old.

Yes, I was and forever will be, emo.

As I write, I am in an internet cafe whiling away my time as I wait for Cesar from work.  It's my day off from work today after a long and grueling week of non-stop pressures on responsibilities and tasks that I do not have a choice but to complete. 
Last night was my first time to play badminton.  I was with a couple of officemates at Omni Sports Complex near our place. It was a good outlet after my busy week.  Everytime I would smash the shuttlecock, I can see the problems I've had all week smashing down on my opponents side of the court.  Every drop of sweat that broke out of my skin was a welcome relief from all the tears I've wanted to shed due to the stress I've experienced the last five days.  Everytime I picked up a fallen shuttlecock from the floor, I saw myself picking up the pieces of a broken promise I gave to my Mom since last month.  And after the game, chugging down a whole bottle of mineral water, I felt calm....
I'm going back to that court next Friday!
08 May 2004

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