Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Folding the page

I've been meaning to write this entry since Sunday but I couldn't find on Google the poem I wanna write about. The poem was read to us by our priest during mass that day and it stuck to me.  I was almost teary-eyed.

So the poem goes something like the author chancing upon an old text book in the attic and when he opened it, he found a folded page.  On it was written fold this page for now because you're too young to understand, but someday you'll understand. And now that he's grown and found that old textbook, he read the page again and then, yes, he understood.

Those words spoke to me about my family situation now. It's hard the way things have turned out. I cannot fathom why this happened to me and my family. I even wondered what I'd done wrong to deserve this punishment. If this was karma, what have I done to deserve this fate? I cannot understand. I've prayed and prayed for better days but it has become worse.

So what to do? Let God. I've lifted everything up to Him. Someday, I'll understand. I'm folding this page for now.

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