Thursday, April 14, 2005

being away and all

talked to ima this morning over the phone. said my mom's having problems coz of lack of funds for the apartment they are building at their backyard. i kinda felt bad about it, knowing somehow, i may have contributed to that "lack" in funds. she's been helping me and cesar with our new home. i kinda feel guilty now. although on the other hand, i can say that i've been most of the time financially independent of her and dad's help.

being away and all that makes me oblivious to my parents' problems. i am saddened by this but then again i've my own set of family problems. which now i realize, are trivial compared to theirs.

i want to help my mom and dad. how, i don't exactly know. what i can only resolve to do is to not, as much as possible, ask for anymore financial help from them. if i can help it. hah! i know god will always provide. amen.

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