Saturday, April 09, 2005

what if

cesar is kinda irritated with me for not going to a job interview that he thinks is a good opportunity for me. he's been telling me about it all week and wants me to go today. but i put it off till monday. i don't know why i'm "afraid". not really afraid but more like HESITANT. yup, that's the appropriate word -- hesitant.

i KNOW for a fact that i am no longer growing again in this company where i presently work. it's all the same everyday. my salary is ok, well, kinda. i wouldn't really know, i might be underpaid already considering my knowledge and exposure and all. or i may be over-confident. but i know what i know. and i know i can be more fulfilled elsewhere.

so why am i holding on? and now, i am left with what if i'd gone to that interview this morning?" i must've known the answer by now.


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