Tuesday, April 12, 2005

no more what if, for now

i went to that dang company. just as cesar wanted me to. i figured he's right. nothing to lose. only a couple of bucks for transpo is all and 1 day's salary.

so off i went today. got there a little past 10am. found the office quite easily. tucked along pioneer street in mandaluyong. small, cozy, quaint. as far as reception areas would go, that is. because that's as far as i got. the not-so-accomodating receptionist handed me an application form to fill up. unfortunately, my good old parker pen untimely lost ink and couldn't write a decent word. so i tried to borrow from not-so-accomodating receptionist which she reluctantly lent coz she was using it too. after filling up the form, i walked up to her and guess what she said?

we'll call you.

what? uh, ok. uhh.. can i get your office number so i can call back just in case?
no, we'll just call you.

GANON! and i had to painstakingly get dressed this morning and all that fuss! hmp. bah. at least i can say i didn't chicken out on something i know i can do.

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