Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Reasons

It's a Monday and finding no valid reason not to go to work, I carefully removed my young daughter's leg haphazardly thrown over mine, dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I'm going to work, I told hubby. He didn't look surprised. I guess he expects me to do so after having used up all of my SLs for the year. And it's only November. (And I'm saving my last 3 VLs for December.)

Anyway, I'm here at work now, finding nothing important to do but wait it out for my samples from suppliers for the upcoming fashion show.

Blog is what I'll do for now. And to start myself rolling for the week, here are 10, not necessarily good reasons, why I love my work. Yes, TEN. So help me God.

10. I get fixed monthly income. I don't know if my pay is above, at par or below industry standards but as long as I get that bi-monthly deposit in my atm, I think I'm quite fine.

9. I believe I'm good at what I do. After years of seeing, breathing and living garments I think I can safely say that.

8. Up until now, at 62, my Mom works. She still goes to the office everyday, even on Saturdays, sometimes stays late to finish up, never misses a workday unless she is confined in the hospital or there is an important family activity that she has to attend. She doesn't complain and in fact, tells me often that she is always thankful that she has work to do. I CANNOT, in my right mind, tell her I don't want to work.

7. Surprise perks. I never really know what to expect next.

6. Friends. The people around me are a source of mental and creative stimulation. Well, not all of them. I am surrounded by young people who update me with whatever I am not exposed to but should know, being in this industry. I become and stay young.

5. Free fashion advice. And the resources too.

4. Good bosses. Generally speaking.



1. I don't have a choice. I was born to work. I can't stand not being productive.

Ok, so after a couple of hours, I can't complete the list. So I'll leave it at that. Have a gLeeful week ahaead!