Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walk, jog, run!

So hubby and I started brisk walking again this morning. We actually started doing this way back in August but when we discovered aero every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, we stopped. Aero we did but it's gotten boring now coz the routine has become too easy and it hasn't evolved yet due to the fact that most of our co-members are 50y/o and above, so the choreographer has that to consider.

I have since lost 5-7 pounds though and am (I think) close to achieving one of my 2009 New Year's goals which is to gain back my pre-pregnancy figure. I still have some love handles and lotsa flab but I'm feeling way better about myself than 6 months back.

Life in general has changed a lot over the last 6 months since my last weblog.

Migo has started taekwondo lessons last summer and has developed way, way much. Last Saturday (November 14), he won his first Gold medal at the Region 3 Championship held in Cabanatuan City. Hubby and I were so proud. And so was my Dad and older brother who were there with us. My 2 nephews Gelo and Tyrone are attending tkd classes now.

Julla started school (nursery) too 6 months ago. She's turning into a wonder child, in my opinion. (Hur-hur!) She likes to sing and dance a lot. Singing involves also creating her own lyrics based on whatever she feels like talking/singing about. Dancing, on the other hand, is a lot of calisthenics and body-bending that she herself choreographs. We're thinking of getting her involved too in tkd or ballet. My dad says yes to tkd. Mom says ballet. Oh, and my dad says violin lessons too. Me and hubby, well, we'd let her do whatever she wants when she's 4 years old.

I like to have cool kids with cool things to do.

Hubby and I. We're ok. Some potholes here and there in our sweet life together but I can say we're becoming stronger as a pair of nitwits trying to survive this l.i.f.e.

So there. Hope I can start blogging regularly again. Thanks to Sir Jojo. :)